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we know what level of efficiency to expect? >> no, we don't. they have been lowering the standards and say it is going to work better than october 1st. and since it was an utter failure, that is really, really low. but the administration has a credibility problem and also is running out of time in order to get these people signed up. they wanted to sign up and needed to sign up 7 million people by the end of march with a particularly strong representation of that number and younger and healthier workers to subsiddize the coverage for older workers. they will have a problem meeting the goal. >> you ponent out the website is the least of their problem. enrollment and credibility. with enrollment what happens if we don't have the magical number by the end of march? >> the people signing up. smaller the number and more likely they are that need health care and older and less healthy people who need more health care. and in february, starting in february, that data gets fed to the insurance companies and february and john, they figure the premiums for 2015 and announce them in september
if they don't meet the standards of the healthcare law. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. molly? >> greg, more than 5 million americans have received those cancellation notices letting them know that they won't have their health insurance plan anymore. it's going to be cancelled because of obama care. and lawmakers are hearing from those constituents. that may be part of the reason why 39 house democrats voted for a republican bill the upton bill that would allow americans to keep their health insurance plans even if they don't meet obamacare standards. president obama had announced a day earlier that his administration would craft an administrative fix to allow people to keep their health insurance. still, those 39 house democrats likely feeling the pressure from their home districts broke with the president, broke with their leadership, and voted for the upton bill. >> what has to drive my vote as a doctor, for someone who really underunderstands healthcare is what is best for american patients. and then as a representative of the district, i really have to be responsible for
the labor union supporters don't drive them to the web set on saturday. they can handle 50,000 people at one time. but it could be 250,000 and it could crash the site all over again. >> but that is not inspiring confidence, chris. the idea that they don't know it sounds like whether or not they will be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. what is the thinking inside of the beltway where you are about how ready this website is? >> people don't know. it clearly seems to be getting better. the word at least when you hear from the administration, that it is getting better. but you know, they are kind of lowering expectations and because they made a hash of it on october 1st. and they say it will be better for most people and not everybody. they are trying to make most people a fewer number of people and not guaranteeing that everyone going in will have a great time and they are talking about a waiting list. they can say i want to sign up and like a pass at disneyworld. we can't take you right now. but e-mail you and tell you when to come on and you can go to the front of the line
reportedly with a high- powered roifl firing shots, multiple victims and we don't know the full extent or nature of the injuries. we have showed you shotted of a tsa worker with a bloodied hand. nbreaking news from the los angeles times. one tsa agent was shot and suspect was shot. the suspect is down. it is very hard to know how many people are wounded. you can see the chaos there where terminal three was shut down and first responders are on the scene. we saw someone else wheeled out that looked more injured than the first tsa agent that was able to walk with a bloodied hand. we saw someone in a wheelchair. the la fire department has been responding and said multiple patients with injuries. >> we did see as john scott was pointing out. yellow and red and green tarps and the possibility of multiple injuries and those are portable triage units that are set up. a patient is put on the tarp and indicates a critical and yello not all that serious and green tarp is minor injuries. the larger picture is that lax is shut down and will be continue to be shut down effectively. and that will ha
are an insurance carrier to delay it another year and jump through a bunch of hoops. i don't see a great many of them willing to take the bait. >> that is one of the problems and the other problem the premiums are based on the idea. 2.7 young healthy people would sign up for the exchanges by the end of march. if those people are not going to sign up and stay on the old policies, the whole tables on which they based their assumptions go out of the window and all of the other services like preexisting conditions and all of the expanded coverage, and yearly caps, all of that doesn't work out anymore and the companies say we are in business. we'll not take a loss if you take away our income. we'll get it from someone else and the only people in the exchanges is the older sicker people. >> help us to understand this, doesn't the president and advisors call in insurers when they change the policy like this? can't we assume they are meeting with the insurers and if we do this there is an unintended consequences? >> are you really asking me that question after all we have seen in the last month and h
plan even if they don't meet the rules but does it reinstate the cancelled policys for the 5 million people? >> no one can do that except for the insurance companies and the state level regulators and perhaps not even them. perhaps it is too late because you had more than 5 million cancelled policies and it may be too late to turn around. the president got immediate blow back from the partners in the insurance industry what said wait a minute, you can't dump this on us. we don't know if we can do it. it is dangerous to the coverage of the 80 percent of the americans who have health insurance through the employers and so today president brought ceos and the construction and passage of the law that are concerned about what is happening to their business. he brought them to the white house and they will talk about ways to rescue the law. >> why didn't you do that yesterday before he cape out with the plan? >> i never have seen a panic as bad as this. the magnitude of this and the president's calculated decision not to honor the promise. and keep the promise and predicated to the belief
. obviously, this is part of what's being discussed in the negotiations. we don't recognize that any country has a right to enrich. we have said that's been our policy for deck kamds. iran has been saying, i believe for decades, that they believe they have the right to enrich. so what we're working through is whether those two positions can be reconcileled through the negotiations. >> iran's foreign minister says the right to enrich uranium for domestic energy use and other purposes is a, quote, inalienable right and has to be included in any agreement. back here at home, some republican members of congress say it doesn't make sense to allow aye ran to continue to enrich uranium while also reducing international economic pressure. >> and on top of it all, sanctions would begin to unravel on the country. and as a consequence, it would be very hard for us to get them back into place. so if we're going to do a deal, the deal has to be that iran stops its nuclear program. if that isn't the deal, then we need to ratchet up sanctions. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also has pressed s
? >> reporter: hi, gregg. we don't have any numeric data yet on the relaunch of the web site. meaning how many people have tried to log on and how quickly they were able to sign up and enroll. but the department of health and human services did put out this update this afternoon. the statement said, quote, the site is performing well today with low overall error rates and response times. despite heavier than normal weekend traffic. we're making additional hardware upgrades and software fixes tonight as part of a planned set of improvements to improve speed and reduce errors. the president's team has been working for weeks on this web site. it was down for 11 hours last night for maintenance. by today, 50,000 people should be able to use the web site at the same time and the web site should be able to handle 800,000 consumer visits a day. republicans say they're skeptical and waiting to see if the obama administration will live up to these promises. >> what they have done was to reset the expectation so many different times. they missed half their legal deadlines. they've had 22 delays. they've
the services? >> we don't know the answer to that. more importantly, the government doesn't know the worry and they sought to raise reports of obama care and medicaid and their thought was the ratio would be 9 to 7 and 9 people on medicaid for every seven that signed up for obama care. the question rises because of what we are witnessing here. this program cost 300 billion a year and approaching 200 billion for our states a year. the question a rises, who is to be covered by obama care? you have the poor going to medicaid. and elderly 65 plus, going to medicare. and the constitiency for obama care looks to be in question. and highly questionable is the model they created, that is to take high premiums from the young who need little health care to apply to the extraordinary burdens of the eldareally's health care. this is truly a program that is in far deeper trouble and more profound trouble than simply a website that is broken >> no one wants to find anyone go through the safety net. but where are we getting the extra federal dollars when we are in trouble with belt tightening in >> we ar
if the plans don't meet obama care standards. one california democrat who voted for the bill says he has to do what's best for his constituents back home. some house republicans say the problem is only going to get worse for democrats. >> when the employers start canceling their employer-based health care plans and putting those people in the exchange, it's going to get worse. the democrats own this law. it is a turkey. it is a lemon. and it is just a question of time before a lot of democrats wake up to that fact. >> the president launched a preemptive strike on thursday before this vote on the upton bill yesterday and says his administration is trying to fix the problem and allow people to keep their plans. he also talked about the disastrous rollout of obama care and the effect on democrats. >> i feel deeply responsible for making it harder for them to continue to promote the core values that led them to support this thing in the first place. >> the upton bill probably will not make it through the democrat controlled senate but if it did, president obama likely would veto it because the bil
what really happen. i don't think it is going to happen in my lifetime. we are learning of all of the details of fdr and fascinating and gives me confidence that history will catch up to this. too many political forces were at work and no one wanted to know the details. >> it is fascinating our children will know and how will they figure it out? >> if you read the bocks about fdr and new books about john kennedy and there is just evidence and testimony that comes forward and when people who know the kenned kens personally or have a political agenda past and historians look at just the evident carefully more detail begins to emerge. i saw a poll that said 80 percent of the members of the media believe in the lone gunmen theory and 70 percent of the american public believe in a conspiracy and most people don't realize in 1979 house select committee on assassinations concluded it was a conspiracy. and so we'll wait, we'll wait to so. at least you are not crazy fubelieve that now. >> doug, thank you so much for your perspective and all of your historical context. i know you will be
these problems. well he should have known. frankly, i don't believe for a moment that he didn't know. no less than nbc indicated that the president knew three years ago that everything he was saying at the podium, if you like your health insurance you can keep it. he knew that wasn't true. if he had explained that more people would lose their insurance than would keep it and that this program will put more people on medicaid than on private insurance, this thing would never have passed. i think a lot of democrats are going to be scrambling for the exits between now and election time next year. >> governor, because many people are discovering that the rollout is plagued with dysfunction, having an adverse impact in their own immediate lives, can the president get away with simply saying that he didn't know about the potential problems with the rollout ahead of time? i know you say you don't believe he didn't know. as he continues to say that he didn't know or wasn't aware about these issues, what does it do to his credibility? because this is a kind of answer he's been giving about issues like
. >> we are not blind, and i don't think we're stupid. i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interest of our country, and of the globe, and particularly of our allies. like israel and gulf states and others in the region. >> connor powell is live from jerusalem with the latest. connor? >> reporter: well, despite assurances from secretary kerry, officials are concerned about the directions of the talks. as soon as reports surfaced last week there were plans in place that could ease sanctions rune, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu unleashed a barrage of criticism on the entire process. today even took it a step further, essentially saying a cabinet meeting here in jerusalem that he is happy that it was a good thing that the talks have fallen through. he also promised he would do everything he can to prevent a bad deal from being implemented. now, israeli leaders insist before economic sanctions are lifted on iran, the islamic republic's ability to enrich uranium must be removed. supporters of the current deal that was in t
and israel don't know about. >> ambassador bolton, the deal expires in six months. then is there an opportunity to do something more drastic? >> if i were iran, i would seize and speed up the pace of negotiations and fracture what is left of western unitty on the sanctions and get everything i want in terms of being relieved of the sanctions. i think it is time to stop talking about sanctions which never stop iran from getting nuclear weapons and focus on the fort worth that iran is on the verge of achieving the 25- year long goal of getting deliverable nuclear weapons. sanctions advocates need to faceup to the fact that sanctions need to be admippistered by a living and broething president. barak obama demonstrated he is not capable of enforcing a sanctions regime. he is not capable of negotiating andousing the leverage that sanctions give. he's thrown it away. sanctions are not working and give it up and accept one of two proposition. on most likely proposition is that iran gets nuclear weapons and we should is a israeli strike against the rieshgs ran weapon's pr
, they may not have interest in this kind of thing. they don't have to report to fda. maybe they're not getting enough raw material just enough to make it on time. that's this whole cycle that has continued. fda this week announced they're going to really look into this and have a real open communication with all of these manufacturers. they want to put pressure on them to make sure this doesn't happen again and interesting part about the whole thing is there's a new website now where all of the hospitals can come in and communicate so let's say your hospital has more propofol than mine. i can get in and say can someone help and you can work together. if they decide to stop a medication or not make it anymore for whatever reason, they have to report to fda so there will be advance notice to the pharmacy. >> that's a good thing. >> absolutely. a lot of times they might have patients come in saying the medication is too expensive. i can't get it. what do i do? they go to canada, et cetera. i said this before. if you are going to go out of the country which is not a good idea but if
. it is an income redistribution plan. young people put in their premium money and don't demand a lot in services and so that money will go to pay for the extra benefits for older and sicker people. if you don't have the first part older sicker people will get sticker shock and creates more political problems. >> is there a dead line for that end of november or first of the year or -- >> i would think. not necessarily. i think he could go into early next year. no one faces penalty in the individual mandate until the 30th of march. >> 16 democrats, of them are they all up for reelection or most of them? >> no. most of them. the 15 seats, 16 seats, democrats are defending and some of those in montana. max ba cchus retired. and every democrat who is up for election. and they are all there and the chairman of the democratic senate committee michael bennett of colorado met with the president first and prepared him and you will get a lot of scared and unhappy democrats nothing phases the mind of a politician than the theft not getting reelected. >> thank you. >> it started with the website meltdown and
alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. the president is expected to speak in new orleans but don't expect much on obama care. wendall what is expected. >> reporter: bill, the president travelled to new orleans to talk about the economy and show case and make american ports more competitive and handle the biggest container cargo ships to boost with exports and help with the economic recovery. he was joined in the andrews air force base with mary landrieu. she wanted to talk to him about a insurance company informing and tell them what is better. it is an effort to address the failed promise. it may not be enough for congressional republicans. senate minority mitch mcconnell to support legislation to allow americans to do what americans were promised in the first place. cope the plan they have and like. it is not clear if the federal government will order the plans. california cut a deal with blue cross to give 115,000 people to have three months to find new coverage. the president is looking for administrative solutions for the problem. >> my team, to see what can we do to close
it was just people pouring out of the pub and dust seemed to be coming up from nowhere, i don't know, either out the door, up from the ground almost the dust, almost like a human chain and there was people much deeper in in the debris of the pub and passing, trying to pass injured people out and all did you was grab the person given to you and pass them on to the next person. >> the pub was especially crowded because it was the eve of scotland's official national holiday, st. andrew's day. scottish leader alex hammond reacted to the tragedy. >> our condolences go to those who will be bereaved, our solidarity with those who have been injured. this is a black day for glasgow and scotland. it's a day we can take pride in courage and how we respond to adversity and tragedy. and that response from our emergency services and from ordinary citizens has been exempla exemplary. >> he ordered that flags outside government buildings be flown at half staff and it's too early to know why the chopper came down so suddenly. >>> there was another deadly flight incident, this one involving the plane crash ne
and bringing in paying customers and the real number. don't forget this brother, it is not how many paying customers come in the door, it is how many paying customers and cost center for this and the people who taxpayers are subsideizing. they are going to fight their way in and get the free stuff. as far as the paying customers, there will not be enough to offset. >> chris, thank you. seen you twice today brother chris. >> so you again soon. >> it is never too much with chris. >>> meanwhile did the americans get all of the answers they received. we'll bring in tennessee's lamer alexander. they held their own health care hearing earlier this week. >> thank you. >> what grabbed your attention this morning from the hearing? >> what brought my attention is the difference of the number of people who may be signed up and the number of people whose policies are cancelled. already throw or 4 million people had policys cancelled by obama care and after january 1st, they will not have insurance. and if only 800,000 sign up which is the number marilyn tavenern gave yesterday americans are without in
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of police officers, but they don't think that had an impact on security. and it is not known if more police officers were around if this could have been prevented. >> it could have been so much worse. dominic, thank you for your report. let us know anything else that develops. eric? >>> jaime, we are learning more about the tsa agent who was killed in the attack. he was geraldo hernandez. mr. hernandez was the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty of that agency's 12-year history. he would have celebrated his 40th birthday next week. he moved to the united states when he was 15 years old from el sal el salvador. he had two children and a married man. his widow spoke out about her late husband's kindness. >> he was always there to help anyone in need and always made people laugh with his wonderful sense of humor. he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, son and friend. >> she says she and the family understandably are devastated. he spent three years on-the-job at the tsa and was excited to go to work every day to appear at the job. today the leaping -- the los angeles police depart
of the discussions today obviously. we don't believe that any country has a right to enrich. that has been our policy for decades, iran says for decades that they believe they have the right to enrich. so what we're working through is whether -- whether those two positions can be reconciled through the negotiations. >> iran's foreign minister said the right to enrich uranium for domestic energy use and other purposes, he says is a quote, inalienable right and has to be permitted. but here at home, other members of congress says it doesn't make sense to allow iran to enrich uranium while actually reducing economic pressure. >> and sanctions would begin to unravel, as a consequence it would be very hard to get them back in place. so if we're going to do a deal, the deal has to be that iran stops its nuclear program. if that is not the deal, then we need to ratchet up sanctions. >> israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has pressed kerry to increase sanctions on iran, not weaken them. >> molly hen eeberhenneberg. >>> also, protesters on the drone policy, backing them -- used by nato to provide suppl
it going. if people don't get insurance they will pay the individual man date. >> there is a host of issues that follow that. republicans are calling for a delay. how do they gain. >> this is tricky for the republicans, they need the president to be stubborn about this while calling for the kelay. they don't win if there is a delay. it will go to the back burner and it needs to go in to affect for the republicans to have leverage. look at the shutdown polls, people blamed republicans. the president's popularity plummets and ted cruz popularity are going up. republicans are beginning to win. >> you argue that you allow the law to stumble on its own weak foundation? >> yeah, i think they have to. the president designed it and wrote it and didn't want republican input and say it will help the americans. see if they are right. >> you break tyou bought. it thank you eric ericson. >> by the way. it is not just six months. we have a couple of years to get it up and running and working and my firm belief and everything we know from massachusetts we'll get those people. >> that was the architect of
look good? >> you don't think that people in washington d.c. would cynically manage expectations? >> what they are doing is, you thought it was only four in delaware, it is really eight. we are doing better. what they are going to focus on is how many people are going to want to get in. it would be funny because of all of the millions of people who lost policies as a result of this law, they thought, the administration thought they had a ready made market because they made a conscious decision to terminate the insurance policies of millions of american. they can't build the internet site and the desperate customers can't get through the door to buy obama care. it is a real pickle. >> you can't just play five on five. the pressure is there from the republicans and if the pressure comes from democrats, what comes of that? >> the republicans have to have a plan of some kind. the republicans think that obama care is going to be bad. it is shaping up to be bad and the millions of americans who lost coverage would tend to agree. it is no longer for the republican party to say obama car
hour of partying, don't you know. >> for arthel? >> do not buy into this. an extra hour of no sleep because i'm an insomniac. >> you're such a party animal. i'm going to tweet some pictures. >> for us parents, means an extra hour we're up with our kids because they don't know what sleeping in is. >> boy, don't you know that. j.d., thanks. >> nice to see you. >>> security is ramping up ahead of the new york city marathon. nearly every inch of this year's 26-mile route will be monitored from the ground and the skies. bomb sniffing dogs and officers will be patrolling the streets and scuba divers and helicopters watching the water. the nypd trying to avoid another deadly attack like the one at the boston marathon last april. >>> federal authorities arresting a person who allegedly vandalized pompeii's pillar national monument in montana. the suspect accused of carving a set of names and a heart into the national monument. it's only about three feet from the signature explorer william clark who made the inscription back in 1806 on his return back to st. louis. experts say it cost cost u
around to talking to him yet. we don't know whether his injuries are actually life-threatening. it's not something authorities have shared with us at this time. but it's very key just how he was injured in terms of how much information he may be able to give the authorities. we have a high security posture right here at the whole airport. terminal 3 has reopened and the airport authority saying things are getting back to normal. it begins to feel that way now. back to you. >> dominic there live at lax, thanks. >>> pakistan is now slamming the united states for a drone strike that killed a taliban leader there yesterday. he is believed to have been behind that failed car bombing in times square in 2010 and the murder of several americans at a c.i.a. outpost in afghanistan in 2009. the friday strike came one day after the pakinstani government said it had started peace talks with the militants. conner powell has more from kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: u.s. drone have targeted him several times before. in fact, at least twice he's been pronounced dead. however, both pakinstani and
for the mid-term elections. if they don't get it fixed it will be bad for the democrats in the mid-term election. >> ron, all of a sudden now we heard it in the sound bite and the president said i am open to changes in the law after being adamant in his refusal to do so. here is the question. how do you fix millions of canceled policies because carriers have literally scwit the market -- quit the market place. they are gone. united health care and aetna have left. >> that's right. it is like the bp oil spill for america. every day we are seeing and hearing something about obamacare that is bad. the website is not working and millions of americans are losing their health insurance plan because they are promised something they are not gonna get. and it is going to affect democrats in the 2014 election if this isn't fixed. even if the website is fixed there is still going to be lots of problems. look, these guys are running an insurance superstore. if they can't run a website, what makes people think they are going to be able to run the largest health insurance -- the largest health i
overnight like some new idea, hey, why don't we negotiate and give iran a chance. the europeans have been negotiating with iran for 10 years. for 20 years iranians have been lying about what their nuclear program involved, concealing information from the iaea inspectors. they have covered up, deceived, done just about everything to prevent the iaea from finding out what's really going on. the notion now secretary kerry said in his remarks after the talks broke down that takes time to build confidence, it certainly takes time to build confidence with a regime that's been lying. secretary kerry said that the administration was neither blind nor stupid in the approach for the talks. a pretty low bar and one i'm not sure they met. >> that's interesting. i believe yesterday it was there were reports that iran may be as close as 100 pounds of enriched uranium or less than two months away from making a nuclear weapon, though the warhead could actually take a little longer. is that the closest they have been, ambassador, and can you confirm that to be the case? >> i think they have been very clos
they are doing patrols and making sure people don't hang on to the curb too long. they are doing regular checks with the check in area as well. they want to make sure security is still high. things are conducting as normal. terminal 3 is actually now open. fully open later this afternoon and then completely back to normal. that's the way it was described to us a short while ago. people are able to check in. in the case of virgin america they are taken to remote stands to board their flights, but the belief is that later this afternoon you can go into terminal 3 and actually board your flight directly from the terminal. a sense of nor mall tee is returning. it has been less than 30 hours since this happened which is what the chief pointed out. we will have an update from the fbi at 4:00 p.m. local time and 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we expect to have more information on how the investigation is going going and clarity on what precisely the injuries are to paul cian cry a. >> dominic, thank you. >>> one of the world's most wanted terrorists with a $5 million bounty on his head is dead. taliban and p
know, i don't want any nuclear weapons in the middle east. i don't want any proliferation. that's what i spent my career on. the way to stop is keep iran from having it and this deal goes pretty far down that path on that score. >> jim walsh, as always, great to talk to you. >> great to see you, gregg. >> thanks. >>> new concerns for an american pastor locked up inside an iranian prison because of his christian faith. did the obama administration turn their backs on him? we're going to look at how the nuclear deal with iran may affect the fight to win his freedom. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. i'my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend. customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit.line customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. t
damage with the spectacle is that you don't shut out the opposition. you don't cram a bad bill into law, and you don't say one thing when you know it is another, and then when it all blows up in your face, i'm sorry, just not going to cut it. >> that was ryan's first appearance in iowa since mitt romney failed on carry the state in last year's presidential election. the former vice presidential nominee said he may be considering his own run in 2016. telling the crowd, maybe we should come back and do this more often. >> turning to the death toll in the philippines because of the typhoon that hit there. that is now rising. it has hit nearly 4,000 people. 1,200 people remain missing. thousands of filipinos grieved at church as much as this sunday. this it is a philippine president responded for cries for help. he is visiting one of the hardest hit regions of the country in saying he will camp out there until there's more progress and aid in that effort. hello, william. >> reporter: you know, eric, that commitment comes a little late for many filipinos given that relief efforts are already
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your personal information can be at risk. we don't know that. >> were you surprised, congressman, that they admitted they didn't do prelaunch testing in terms of the amount of volume that was predicted? >> well, again, it is riddled with errors from an operational stand point, they also put in charge cm s that is in charge of medicare and medicaid. they can't get that right. they were supposed to be the system's integrator. they couldn't get going to work and they were delayed by the white house in setting up the requirements and the white house ignored information that they anyhow that bump bump wear was nééready for prime time. >> they say they are working on it and have made progress and able to process 17,000 registrants per hour. that is five per second. does it mollify you that they seem to be getting it under control? >> that is one of the problems. i am i am dilulled by thousands of people that were told they could keep their insurance. technical problems are one thing but people by the millions are getting notification they can't keep the insurance they were promised t
they don't typically do throughout the year, but to see it in mid november is also very rare this far north. taking a look at the forecast radar. there's the chicago area as this game is about to be played. you can see some of these cells. i wouldn't doubt it that we could see the potential for tornado warnings in the next several hours as that game is supposed to be played. unbelievably dangerous situation. and this heine line is going to continue through indiana and ohio. this is a wide-spread area where we're going to see the danger from this storm. straight-heine wind damage is going to be a concern for all these states, two dozen states unfolding where we could see the potential for at the very least very strong winds. and look at that front. temperatures are going to drop 20 to 30 degrees. and that's one of the ingredient that we need for severe weather. we have the extra lift. and that's why we have a high risk for long-lasting, long-tracked dangerous tornados in this region. a lot of people are saying tornados in november? it does happen. this is a secondary season. but mid november
they don't need and would pad it and make it a democratic jurisdiction and so republicans have been blocking all of obama's nominees for that reason. and as a result harry reid finally said he invoked the nuclear option which means only 51 votes than 60 votes to accrue judges. he will not do that for supreme court justices. republicans said if they do the nuclear option, the republicans will use it in spades back in the democrats if they get back in the senate. >> harry reid, the way he justified doing this nominees deserve an up or down vote and they can't just be filibustered away and the president deserved his team. does that rational make sense? >> it makes sense on the merits if you look at it in isolation. the problem with the judicial sites. there is hypochris. republicans stop democratic judges using means available to them. democrats stop the republican judges. it is a legislative branch and the stakes are so high that both pears will pull out all of the other stops to stop the courts from being left wing judges or right wing judges. and i understand where harry reid is com
to use. so i would suggest, don't sign up, try to find a catastrophic plan if they are still available in your state, and pay doctors directly for their services. you'll get a much better deal. you'll get prompt attention. you won't be waiting in line at a clinic or hospital emergency room, like medicaid patients do now, by the way, and obama care patients which john goodman is going to be medicaid plus are also going to do. they're not going to get good private individualized personal medical care through that system. >> you know, at the heart of obama care is the doctor/patient relationship. that's where the rubber meets the road. give me a sense of how people in your profession are reacting to obama care, just generally speaking, what it's doing to your practice and to the practice of your colleagues. >> well first of all, there's the imposition of an electronic health record. electronic health record may provide some benefits, but it is extremely costly and time-consuming, especially learning how to use it, and then entering all the data that the government wants you to enter. and
was exaggerating. 10% don't know what to think. of the apology, 38% of the recommend centered voters regard it as sincere. 58%, nearly six in ten believe it was political reasons. the first dadely by his side. first lady sat for him by the excruciating exercise, where mr. obama was confronted with the fact that walters put it, "people just don't think you are trustworthy." >> i got re-elected in part because people did think i was trustworthy and they knew i was working on their behalf. bottom line, bashra , i don't know any president who hasn't gone through certain periods in the presidency. >> it's a hard job. >> i am fortunate to be living with a man who has a long view of this job and understands in the case of healthcare this is all about the folks who don't have insurance. the folks he sees every day. >> very rarely the president added in that interview to the things that happen that work well get the same attention as things that aren't working well. >> james rosen, thank you very much. >> here to weigh in on the website and obamacare in general, congressman marcia blackburn of tenne
a run-in at some point at a checkpoint with the tsa at an airport, we don't know. there was also speculation from the officer that perhaps he'd actually applied for a job that he didn't get with the tsa and possibly that he tried signing up for the precheck, which is early security screening, and might have been turned down for that. that was speculation very much at the time. the fbi is searching his apartment today. it is unclear at this time if anything they found at all. but local officials saying that this actually could have been an awful lot worse and the tsa was so swift to react when the gunman actually entered the airport. take a listen. >> we bore witness to heroism at this airport. when shots rang out, members of the police department ran towards that gunfire, without regard to their own safety or well being. they tracked down the suspect, apprehended and arrested him. and no doubt without their efforts, the casualty count today would be significantly higher. they did remarkable work. >> reporter: and the tsa officers back at work at terminal three. the scene there ri
the sanctions went into effect. then there is the issue of iran's plutonium-producing reactor at arak. they don't want to suspend work at arak and it is not clear the iranians will agree to western demands to downgrade its stockpile of higher enriched urani uranium. the iranians already have 440 pounds of this higher-enriched urani uranium. experts say just 100 pounds more and the iranians will have enough material for a single nuclear warhead. the talks in geneva which looks so promising when the secretary -- secretary kerry and others made their way to switzerland. those talks grind on. jamie. >> 100 pounds away from enough uranium for a nuclear weapon, just startling. keep us posted. >>> undercover new york city police detective is now facing up to 25 years behind bars for his role in the brutal beating of a new york city driver. after he was chased through the streets of new york city by a swarm of bikers. you'll recall the video. the 32-year-old officer is one of 11 bikers formally charged in the september 29th attack that sparked national outrage over footage showed the vicious beatdown.
to ask you question and get the truth. what do you say? don't be afraid. i won't bite. see you on "the five." >>> i can't argue for bad policy. >> we're not focusing on angst amongst the democratic republican politicians. our focus is the angst of americans americans who got a cancellation notice and should haven't gotten one. >> individuals are best to decide what policy is best for them. >> dozens of democrats breaking ranks with the white house. signing on to a house g.o.p. fix for obamacare. what does it mean for the future of obamacare and the 2014 election? we talk to frank luntz. your personal information at risk. congressman pete king from the house homeland security committee is here with a big-time security concern for healthcare.gov. we will reflect on the legacy of john kennedy. 50 years after he was gunned down in dallas. we reflect on events that leave many unanswered questions. >> we are more and more connect and less and less involved with each other. >> a new book that will touch your heart. i'm uma pemmaraju. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital
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netanyahu, and kerry said he understands those concerns. >> we are not blind, and i don't think we're stupid. i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe, and particularly of our allies, like israel and gulf states and others in the region. >> members of congress are also worried that iran would be getting away with too much. the agreement reportedly called for iran to temporarily halt key parts of its nuclear program but not to stop all iranian enrichment. in the meantime, a more permanent deal could be ironed out, and iran in return would see some limited easing of sanctions, but members of congress are proposing even more sanctions to keep the pressure on iran, and that push is coming from both sides of the aisle. >> you can't trust the iranians. they were lying about their nuclear program, they've been hiding from the international community, very important aspects of the nuclear program. >> my concern here is that we seem to want the deal almost more than the iranians, and you can't want the deal m
for those americans who don't feel like this big imbrogilo, this is even touching them, government is acting incompetently. it's damaging significantly both his own brand and the brand of democratic congressional candidates running close races. it's going to be tough. >> david hawkings, good to see you as the state braces for severe weather. just some of the pictures we'll show you on the other side of the break. ani quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had
don't know yet if he was discharged or what was the cause for his panic. >> when passengers see something like this, you're just thinking the worse, but thankfully it turned out okay. dominic, thank you so much. >>> we're also learning new details now about the deadly shooting at l.a.x. earlier this month. a tsa officer killed after he was shot 12 times. that, according to an autopsy report on the death of hernandez. three others were injured in the shooting at l.a.x. terminal. the suspect also injured during the shootout with police, but he has been released from the hospital. he is now facing a murder charge. if convicted, he could get the death penalty. >> we are closely monitoring the potential nor'easter next week that could mean trouble for millions of americans traveling for thanksgiving. let's bring in janice dean now. she's live in the fox news weather center with more. >> it's going to be a mess for millions of people starting today through the weekend and into next week. thanksgiving. taking a look at the current temperatures, really cold, dangerously cold across the
insurance companies to sell plans that don't meet obamacare standards to people who did not have those plans previously. gregg? >> molly henneberg in washington. thanks. >>> meanwhile, president obama's health care fix creating a lot of confusion. insurance companies and state regulators are now dealing with a whole new ball game, wondering how they can put the new changes into effect. elizabeth prann reporting on that one from washington. >> reporter: after meeting at the white house on friday, insurance executives now have the challenge of fulfilling the president's broken promise. sell back insurance plans to customers who received cancellation notices. a daunting feat seeing as they captain reinstate plans without the governing body's approval. a number rejected the president's proposal, warning it could raise premiums. >> it would be a huge undertaking, hundreds of thousands of policies have already had cancellation notices issued to the policyholder. undoing that, putting the toothpaste back in the tube would be a very, very difficult thing to do. >> reporter: the "washington post" rep
. they're going to be unintended consequences. going to be things we don't work. i'm about fixing things that don't work. even before the vote, republicans predicted that the bill would pass with bipartisan support. >> democrats recognize that the president made a promise and he needs to keep that promise. he needs to keep his commitment. listen to the american people. and deliver on that promise. >> but one house democrat who did not support the upton bill says people who not read too much into the 39 democrats who voted with the republicans. >> it means that, what, fewer than 10% of house democrats -- or 220% of house democrats didn't stand together. >> the white house says the upton bill goes too far because it allows insurance companies to sell plans that don't meet obama care standards to people who didn't have those plans previously. therefore, the president would not support it. arthel and greg. >> molly heninburg, thanks, molly, for that report. >>> what is the political fallout from all of this? how will democrats recover from it? what can republicans take from all of this? our
. it is a website and it is a machine that will be fixed. >> the decisions than made. if they don't meet the minimum benefit established you should the a ca. that individual's plan will be cancelled. >> the sun doesn't rise and set in washington d.c. or eastern standard time. >> yeah, yeah. wlthat. >> after hundreds of millions of dollars you should have something. >> peter doosy watching it all from washington now, peter? >> reporter: bill, one of the headlines is that there was no security testing on the system of on line exchanges at all before the sight went live last month. >> was there ever any end testoth testing? >> there was end to end testoth hub. there was individual modullar test anything demonstration testing inside of the exchange, meaning that we had sample cases and situations that we tested all the way through. we could not test live until we went live and therefore the temporary operation. >> reporter: she said healthcare.gov can handle 17,000 registration and if it is fixed like the administration wants, the next step is a big pr push to bring people back. >> our goal to stabili
there is no rush to make a deal. >> we are not blind, and i don't think we're stupid. i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we're acting in the interest of our country and of the globe, and particularly of our allies. like israel and gulf states and others in the region. >> and to prove that there are prospects for a deal here, the secretary of state said just look at how president obama dealt with syria. by always maintaining that the u.s. was willing to use force and then making a deal with assad and russia before that was necessary. the iranian foreign minister is now saying he thinks the groundwork for an agreement does exist, but not everyone in the u.s. congress is so sure about that. >> you can't trust the iranians. they're lying about their nuclear program. they have been hiding from the international community, very important aspects of the nuclear program. i want a peaceful resolution to the iranian nuclear problem. i don't want a north korea in the mideast, and that's where we're headed if we continue to negotiate the way we were. >> a potential deal
, the deal is off and the terms are reversed. the white house said they don't think new sanctions are going to help anything right now, but some in congress tennessee senator bob corker say they're not so sure. we heard senator corker say he thinks there will be a bipartisan effort to make sure this is not a final agreement, and strong reaction from marco rubio. he said he thinks this deal shows other rogue nations it's okay to lie for the united states for ten years because senator rubio says then the united states will get tired and negotiate with you anyway. back to you. >> peter, that was the north korean playbook. we'll talk about that with john bolton in a minute. >> thanks. secretary of state john kerry is applauding the deal with iran, calling it a first step towards making the world safer, adding if iran's nuclear program is truly for peaceful purposes, then this is its chance to prove it. jennifer griffin joining me now live in washington. jenn, good morning. >> good morning, jamie. reaction to the deal is already pouring in. syria, iraq, and the palestinian authority, all friends
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